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Mastering sustainable exhibitions - Nomad Exhibitions

Mastering sustainable exhibitions

26 May 12.00 - 13.00 CEST


  • Tim Pethick, CEO of Nomad Exhibitions
  • Maarten Taborsky, Project director at Bruns B.V.

The Insights Live! event "Mastering sustainable exhibitions" provided valuable insights from experts on creating more sustainable exhibitions.

During his talk, Tim Pethick from Nomad Exhibitions shared strategies for minimising the environmental impact of their exhibitions. Nomad Exhibitions prioritises design and engineering, focusing on flexibility, low volume, and minimal waste. Tim highlighted the advantage of travelling exhibitions, which require fewer resources and have a lower carbon footprint compared to producing separate exhibitions. They use aluminium due to its recyclability, durability, and lightweight properties, reducing energy consumption during transportation. Tim stressed measuring and reducing emissions throughout the exhibition's life cycle. Nomad Exhibitions supports verified carbon offset initiatives to offset remaining emissions responsibly.

Watch Tim’s talk on the Ecsite YouTube channel

Maarten Taborsky, project director at Bruns, presented inspiring strategies for sustainable exhibitions. Bruns adopts the cradle-to-cradle concept, designing exhibits using materials that can be continuously upcycled and reused. They prioritise bio-based and circular materials, including raw steel and exploring sustainable options. Through a life cycle assessment tool, they measure and optimise their exhibits' environmental impact, with a focus on reducing carbon emissions, energy consumption, and water eutrophication. Collaboration with designers enables Bruns to develop eco-friendly solutions and emphasise disassembly for future reuse. By sharing their sustainable practices, Bruns aims to inspire the industry and create meaningful exhibits that are innovative and environmentally responsible.

Watch Maarten’s talk on the Ecsite YouTube channel

Take action:

  • Prioritise design and engineering: Emphasise flexibility, low volume, and minimal waste in exhibition design to reduce environmental impact.
  • Choose materials consciously: Make deliberate material choices, avoiding environmentally harmful substances and opting for sustainable alternatives.
  • Measure and reduce emissions: Implement a life cycle assessment tool to optimise the environmental impact of exhibitions, focusing on reducing carbon emissions, energy consumption, and water eutrophication.
  • Embrace circularity: Design exhibits with materials that can be continuously upcycled and reused, prioritising bio-based and circular materials.
  • Collaborate with designers: Foster collaboration to develop eco-friendly solutions and encourage innovation in sustainable exhibition design.
  • Promote disassembly and reuse: Prioritise disassembly for future reuse of exhibition components, contributing to a circular economy approach.
  • Share sustainable practices: Inspire the industry by openly sharing sustainable strategies, creating a collective impact towards environmentally responsible exhibitions.
  • Address carbon emissions responsibly: Consider offsetting remaining emissions through verified and reputable carbon offset initiatives that align with recognised standards and measurable environmental benefits.

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Contact details:

Tim Pethick: Tim@nomadexhibitions.com

Maarten Taborsky: Maarten.Taborsky@bruns.nl

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