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Ecsite Environmental Emergency Action (EEEA)

1 April 2023 - 31 December 2023

We are very pleased to announce the launch of the Ecsite Environmental Emergency Pledge and supporting programme of activities exclusively for members. Ecsite has taken this step to show our commitment, to make a difference and to take our social responsibility.

Initiated at The Ecsite Directors Forum in Amsterdam in November 2022, developed, refined and presented in the member consultation meetings in February, we sincerely hope our members will join us in committing to the Ecsite Pledge.

Good to know

This action is intended to help us all to take steps to do better, small steps in the right direction. It is about our organisations and what changes we can make in our daily actions.

It isn’t an expectation to be CarbonZero by 2024!

The EEEA is comprised of 2 elements:

The Pledge

The Pledge is a statement of intent designed for mobilisation and communication. It is accompanied by the Idea Box, a support tool full of ideas developed at the Directors Forum meeting for inspiration for your first steps.

We invite our members to share the Pledge with their teams and sign up to it as an organisation.



For members attending the 2023 Ecsite Conference we will be running a live Pledge signing moment!

Insights Live! - Programme of Activities

Thanks to the outstanding contributions of our members, we have developed a programme of inspiring weekly ‘Insights Live!’ sessions running throughout 2023, designed to support our members to act to drive change. It has been designed for organisations at all stages of their ‘Green’ journey and we have tried to run each session twice to enable you to fit them into your busy agendas.

Directors and Member main contacts will automatically receive an outlook invitation to join or to forward the invitation on to a colleague who may find it useful to attend. If you wish to receive the invitations, please email: communications@ecsite.eu stating your name and institution.

If you have ideas you’d like to share, or questions, or would love to do a presentation to the Network about achievements in your organisation, please email us at communications@ecsite.eu

Sharing your commitment

You have signed the pledge and want to share it with the community?

Send us a photo of you at communications@ecsite.eu that we can upload onto our EEEA template and send back to you for sharing. Take a look at a great example here.

You can then share the photo on your channels, tagging Ecsite in your post and using the hashtag #EcsiteClimate. We will reshare.