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Willard Wigan: Microsculptor

My work is a reflection of myself, I wanted to show the world that little
things can have the biggest impact...Willard Wigan

Willard Wigan Microscopic Interactive Show

Willard Wigan of Birmingham, England is a sculptor, but not just any old sculptor. His creations are the size of an eyelash— so small that they fit in the eye of a needle or on the head of a pin. When sculpting, he enters into a meditative state to work BETWEEN his heartbeats!

To keep steady, he works between heartbeats!

Microscopic paintbrushes aren’t a popular item in art supply stores. Willard has to be inventive and construct his own tools and mediums. The ropes and strings you see in his work are made from spider webs. His paintbrush is plucked from his own hair.

The whole process of sculpting and painting can take 6 weeks to 3 months of working through the lens of a microscope.

You have a unique opportunity to examine these rare and valuable micro-sculptures UP CLOSE. Believe it or not, this exhibit is available for leasing. Book this show to experience this fascinating and interactive exhibit.

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  • art
  • autism
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