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The interactive hands-on exhibition ON THE MOVE invites you to explore how
mobility works today, what future means of transport are being developed, and
how your decisions will influence tomorrow’s mobility.

By air taxi, bus shuttle, e-scooter, or rather by bike? How do we want to travel in the future? And what are the consequences of our mobility decisions? In the hands-on exhibition ON THE MOVE, you can playfully explore your own mobility needs, learn about current transport systems, and discover lots of innovative ideas for getting around.

ON THE MOVE is all about interaction: Become a mobility manager and skilfully navigate the city in digital games. Pedal hard and let a virtual landscape blossom. Most importantly, find out which means of transport suit you best! What matters to you when you want to get from A to B?

The participatory exhibition

  • challenges your agility at eight digital play stations
  • provides lots of information about sustainable mobility in the city
  • issues you with a “mobility ticket” showing your personal results
  • is great fun for the whole family
  • can be the prelude to more mobile experiences throughout the city

The exhibition is on display at the Mercedes-Benz Museum until 17 November 2024. Before that, it could be explored at Universum® Bremen from 2019 to 2020.

More information: dermobilemensch.de & dermobilemensch.de/en

The exhibition has received several awards:

  • DDC Award GUTE GESTALTUNG 2019: Gold in the "Spaces" category
  • polis Award 2020: Silver in the "Communicative Urban Design" category

Floor area

For rent

Monthly fee


Setup time


Dismantling time


Ceiling : minimum height


Doorway : minimum access width


Other technical information

• Internet access (for remote maintenance) • Load-bearing ceiling structure for mounting/suspending the projector mounts • Electrification of the exhibits via the floor using floor tanks (power/network) • Point fixing of the exhibits in the floor



+49 421 / 33 46 250



  • mobility
  • future
  • interactive
  • families
  • Children


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