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A multi-sensory feast of an exhibition!


The banquet is quite the spectacle and performance! Food is prepared in the kitchens and menus are written for the guests who will step onto a carefully designed stage ready for a memorable and lively performance. The exhibition will appeal to your senses, your mind and to every hearty appetite.

It will highlight the many pleasures of gastronomy: creating, tasting and sharing. Combining hedonism and erudition, the exhibition will be an interactive and sensory experience centred around the celebratory and communal aspects of feasting.

Science and culture are intertwined in the many aspects of gastronomy.

The kitchen
In this theatrical space, between a kitchen and a laboratory, the visitor becomes a cook's apprentice and rediscovers the essentials: the gesture, the utensil, the cooking, the preparation, the transmission... The visitor learns preparation techniques and ideas that are as inspiring as they are original, to make him want to get into the kitchen as soon as he gets home.

The Amuse-bouche
The visit continues in an ultra-sensory and intimate space in which the visitor, as gourmet as he is gourmand, can take part in tastings and other disconcerting experiments. The sciences explore the different components of taste and examine the cognitive mechanisms of "yum" and "yuck".

The banquet-show
The long-awaited moment to sit down at the table comes. The visitor puts on his chef's hat and becomes a guest by sitting at the table of the banquet show. A highlight of the exhibition, the Banquet collective show features the universe of a custom-made menu imagined by Chef Thierry Marx and Scientist Raphaël Haumont. In a clever orchestration of projected images, mapping, sounds and smells, the table comes alive in a succession of magical atmospheres, drawing a dreamlike banquet.

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