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Future vision for the Ocean

Towards the Blue Society EN

The concept of a Blue Society emerged from the EU-funded project Sea for Society. Through direct consultation with stakeholders, citizens and youth across Europe, deeper insight was gained into the barriers that hinder the achievement of a sustainable marine ecosystem. These included misguided attitudes and lack of awareness, insufficient information and a need for coordinated and integrated governance and strategy. Ideas emerged on how to overcome these barriers and appreciate the benefits of a sustainable, productive Ocean.

The ocean is essential for our security, our health and our well-being. To ensure our future, we need to place the ocean at the heart of our daily lives and of our societies, in a way that enables everyone to benefit from it and live a better life, while at the same time preserving this precious resource and its heritage for future generations. This is what we mean by a Blue Society. We often think of the ocean as separating human communities, from continent to continent, when in fact, it is precisely what links us together.

The Blue Society website brings you updates on the ongoing activities, Blue Society events and provides information on how to get involved in this ambitious new movement that will shape the future of our society, for the better.


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Sea for Society

Sea for society started with a consultation phase involving stakeholders and citizens, aiming to raise awareness and identify top challenges in our daily interactions with the sea. Followed by a project’s mobilisation phase, advocating a collective vision for sustainable marine environments, the project eventually formed and introduced a future vision for the Ocean - the “Blue Society”.