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Through Ecsite, members have the opportunity to participate in collaborative projects shaping the future of science engagement. Ecsite runs projects funded by the European Commission as well as initiatives in partnership with other organisations. These projects often allow the development of resources like toolkits or guides available to all. 




Check out our compilation of everything you might want to know about Ecsite and EU-funded projects: how we pick proposals, how we involve Ecsite members, what Third Parties are etc.

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Parque de las Ciencias is involved with the following projects

2021 - 2024

New and emerging technologies bring with them new ethical challenges and societal consequences. TechEthos will develop guidance to ensure the highest ethical standards are adopted at the EU and international levels. In this endeavour, Ecsite members play a crucial role in understanding and further developing societal perspectives through a programme of public engagement events, in-depth dialogues, exhibitions and analyses.

2020 - 2024

The main objective of WATER-MINING project is to contribute to the implementation of the Water Framework Directive and the Circular Economy packages by showcasing and validating innovative water resources solutions. The project has selected a number of innovative technologies that reached proof of concept levels under previous EU project. The demonstration case studies are to be first implemented in five EU countries (The Netherlands, Spain, Cyprus, Portugal and Italy) where prior successful technical and social steps have already been accomplished.

Parque de las Ciencias is involved with the following projects

2018 - 2021
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