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Through Ecsite, members have the opportunity to participate in collaborative projects shaping the future of science engagement. Ecsite runs projects funded by the European Commission as well as initiatives in partnership with other organisations. These projects often allow the development of resources like toolkits or guides available to all. 




Check out our compilation of everything you might want to know about Ecsite and EU-funded projects: how we pick proposals, how we involve Ecsite members, what Third Parties are etc.

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Parque de las Ciencias is involved with the following projects

2018 - 2021

The SySTEM 2020 Project, coordinated by Science Gallery Dublin, aims to tackle scientific literacy and STEM education of children and teenagers, in order to support our future citizens in this world of fast-evolving science and technology. SySTEM 2020 will focus on science learning outside the classroom, mapping the field across Europe, evaluating a number of transdisciplinary programmes to design best principles for educators in this field, and also examining individual learning ecologies by piloting self-evaluation tools for learners which will document science learning outside of the classroom.

2018 - 2020

spaceEU will implement an inspirational portfolio of space outreach and educational activities that uses the excitement of space to encourage young people to choose careers in science and technology and use space to stimulate a sense of European and global citizenship.

Parque de las Ciencias is involved with the following projects

2015 - 2019
2015 - 2018
2011 - 2014
2013 - 2014
2010 - 2014