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News 30 January 2013

Seeking Evaluator for the European Project VOICES – Views, Opinions and Ideas of Citizens in Europe on Science Ref.: SiS.2013.1.2.1-1 – Citizen’s active participation in EU Research and Innovation policy-making (Coordination and Support Actions: Grants to Named Beneficiary)

News 29 January 2013

We want to see you at Modeling cities of scientific culture, Torino, Italy, 20-21 June 2013.

We will be welcoming all PLACES City Partnerships and regions, plus new participants who want cooperate with us in defining the city of scientific culture. New participants – a science communicator accompanied by a local-level policymaker – are invited to Torino to share their knowledge and also learn from the PLACES community. Find out more – and register online! – at www.openplaces.eu/conference

News 21 January 2013

Ecsite has ushered in 2013 with a beautiful new logo. Read about the meaning of this bold new design on the Visual identity page: www.ecsite.eu/visual-identity. Here you can also download high resolution and low resolution versions of the logo for your own use. The logo is available in colour, black, greyscale and white. Please consult the guidelines for use (downloadable on the Visual identity page) before using the logo.

Also, the Ecsite Executive office has a brand new location in Brussels: 89/7 Avenue Louise, Louizalaan, B-1050 Brussels, Belgium.

News 14 December 2012

Ecsite Stats is a tool designed for science centres and museums to track data in their field. Be part of this process and add your 2012 data now (and your 2011 data if you haven’t already – it’s never too late.)

Ecsite Stats was developed last year to compile statistical information from our field, so we need your participation to make this tool work for everyone.

News 4 December 2012

The renowned travel guide “Lonely Planet” has recently published it’s reccommendations for 2013. Amongst them, Gothenburg was rated as one of the best value destination in the world. Another reason to head to Gothenburg for the Ecsite Annual Conference 2013.

“This is as much Scandinavia as you can get for your money.”

Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2013 votes Gothenburg the no. 2 best value destination

http://www.lonelyplanet.com/themes/best-in-travel-2013/best-value-destinations/ http://www.lonelyplanet.com/sweden/gotaland/goteborg

News 26 November 2012

Richard Tuffs, Director of the European Regions Research and Innovation Network (ERRIN – www.errinnetwork.eu ) is guest editor of this science cities-themed edition of the Ecsite Quarterly.

News 5 November 2012

For those of you who are interested to attend the Pre-conference two-days-long training for explainers (organized by Ecsite’s THE Group) or the Pre-conference workshop on research and evaluation (organized by Ecsite’s REV Group) – AND the main annual conference, the European Commission (EC) offers a grant opportunity in order to cover your fees.

Through Comenius/Grundtvig, the EC provides funding to promote exchanges of experiences and the development of a European dimension in all sectors of adult education and its evaluation.

News 29 October 2012

Ecsite is currently involved on the preparation of a project proposal on innovative outreach and dialogue on responsible nanotechnologies in EU civil society. We are looking for a maximum of 8 science centres/museums that will join the proposal as Third Parties, under the responsibility of Ecsite.

News 23 October 2012

Do you want to share your commercial activity with about 1,000 delegates at the largest science communication conference in Europe? Then be sure to book a booth at the Ecsite Annual Conference Business Bistro.

News 22 October 2012

Ecsite and some of its members collaborated with the European Commission in November and December 2012 to organise Gender Days in five European countries (Austria, Germany, Italy, Poland and the Netherlands).

View fantastic photos from the final event held 5 December at Copernicus Science Centre: http://flic.kr/s/aHsjD7zVcq

Read about the final event here: www.ecsite.eu/news_and_events/news/copernicus-was-also-woman


Digital Spokes magazine

Spokes is the monthly magazine of Ecsite, the European network of science centres and museums. Hear the latest news from European science engagement, go further with in-depth features and make the most of the good reads, events and opportunities shared by Ecsite members.

Spokes magazine #75, April 2022

IN DEPTH: From place to space : libraries and civic engagement by A. Vanautgaerden

LOOKOUT: Tinkering for learning, equity, and social inclusion

COLUMN: Time to pause and reflect on Spokes by C. Franche & M. Xanthoudaki


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