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Technology clubs: girls and their fretsaw

2800 Mechelen
T: +32 (0)15 34 20 20

Due to social influences and misconceptions, girls do not find a way to engineering or applied sciences. A talent that is unknown, is unloved… To fight all prejudices Technopolis, the Flemish science center, organizes the Girls Only Technology Club from 10 to 12 years.

During 9 sessions the girls discover the basic techniques and create pieces of work with all kinds of material: (electrical) saws, drills, files, pliers, cutters, pincers, wood, metal, plexi… In the last session they show their mothers how they learnt to handle and work with these materials in a safe way. The mothers are astonished about the technical skills of their daughters.

“I don’t brag about it, but still it is nice to say: I made this with a fretsaw.” Reaction of a participant

A female coach, who serves as a role model, assists the girls to develop their technical skills. This unique initiative is well adjusted to the social needs of the society and the economic reality, that shows a lack of technical and scientific skilled professionals. Since 2006 more than 500 young girls participated at the Technology Clubs. In springtime a new series will be started up.