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Technopolis® presented with KEN Award

The Knowledge Economy Network (KEN) has presented Luc Van den Brande, chairman, and Erik Jacquemyn, Chief Executive Officer of Technopolis®, the Flemish Science Centre (Mechelen, Belgium), with the “Award of Excellence”. The award stands for the excellent way in which Technopolis® communicates science and technology to young and old, especially in view of its organisation of the Science Centre World Summit 2014. It is an acknowledgement of the original way in which Technopolis® reaches out to an international public by means of initiatives focusing on science and technology. The Science Centre World Summit 2014, organised by Technopolis®, was prominently mentioned during the award ceremony which was held during the annual KEN Forum by the end of last year. Erik Jacquemyn, Chief Executive Officer of Technopolis® and organiser of the Science Centre World Summit 2014: “It pleases me tremendously to accept this award. My co-workers and I have done our utmost best in the past few years to write the success story which Technopolis® is.”


Technopolis, the Flemish Science Centre

Technopolis endeavours to fascinate everyone with science and technology no matter who or where they are. Up until recently, Technopolis was best known for its popular science centre in Mechelen, which is frequented by especially young families and schools. However, in recent years Technopolis has become a brand for all kinds of activities both inside and outside of Technopolis, both online and offline.