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‘The gender EXPERIMENT, a travelling themed exhibition by Technopolis.

‘The gender EXPERIMENT’ is an interactive themed exhibition concerning the talents of women and men. In this exhibition, via various active exhibits, one can personally discover if women and men differ, and in what way. Not only scientific or technical skills are tested, but biological differences are also looked into.

Via a wristband bearing a bar code, the visitor is after each experiment shown his/her personal results as well as the score of the average woman or man.

‘The gender EXPERIMENT’ will run at Technopolis until 31 August 2012.


Technopolis, the Flemish Science Centre

Technopolis endeavours to fascinate everyone with science and technology no matter who or where they are. Up until recently, Technopolis was best known for its popular science centre in Mechelen, which is frequented by especially young families and schools. However, in recent years Technopolis has become a brand for all kinds of activities both inside and outside of Technopolis, both online and offline.