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2012 Ecsite Conference

Cité de l'espace
Cité de l Espace
Avenue Jean Gonord
31500 Toulouse
30 May 2012 - 1 June 2012
Space and Time, Unlimited

Cité de l’espace, in Toulouse - France’s fourth-largest city - was the proud host of the 2012 Ecsite Conference. 995 people attended.




Cité de l'espace

The Cité de l’espace: the best place to view the universe.

The space park with a multi-mission statement:

Combining fun and education in one theme park, the Cité de l’espace was created to answer the questions everyone asks about space exploration and technology: The Cité de l’espace answers all these questions though an impressive array of interactive exhibits, features and very active events calendar.

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