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News 19 June 2015

In 2012, ESA and Ecsite combined strengths, networks and capabilities to allow European space programmes and achievements to reach the largest European audience possible.

News 17 June 2015
"Space for life" workshop #Ecsite2015

A summary of the Pre-conference workshop “Space for Life” – Develop and share resources, 9-10 June 2015 – MUSE (Trento, Italy)

News 20 February 2015

Rosetta Campaign featured in the Ecsite Annual Report 2014

News 2 February 2015

Hear from Ecsite’s thematic group dedicated to space science: read the Space Group’s latest newsletter. Includes information on pre-conference workshops at the 2015 Ecsite Annual Conference.

News 19 May 2014

‘People, Planet and Peace’ is the theme of Ecsite’s annual conference in Den Haag, the Netherlands, on 20–24 May.

News 8 April 2014

This year the Space Group will be generous : beyond sharing the latest and future space achievements with the European Space Agency (ESA), the space group will present and offer you the toolkit built to tackle ESA’s Rosetta mission through events, exhibitions and educational activities. Moreover, participants of the Space pre-conference workshop will visit the ESTEC – the engineering core of ESA – and Space-Expo on the second day.

News 10 March 2014

Ecsite Space Group Newsletter Vol. 3 February 2014

Welcome to yet another exciting instalment of Ecsite Space Group newsletter – the forum of science centres, museums and space professionals across Europe working to communicate the wonders of space.

We hope you’ve had a successful start to 2014 – the European Space Agency’s 50th anniversary. We’re very pleased to share the latest news from your friends from across Europe.

News 6 February 2014

On January 20th 2014, a set of thrilling events were organized by science centres across Europe, as the first act of the “Hook-up with Rosetta” Campaign, designed by the Ecsite Space Group. The European Space Agency’s Rosetta probe finally woke up after two and a half years of hibernation. You may have a glimpse on that special day through Storify: http://storify.com/DidierLaval/rosetta-woke-up

Meanwhile, it is still time to take part in the Hook-up with Rosetta campaign!

News 20 January 2014

On Monday 20 January, ESA’s comet-chasing spacecraft Rosetta will wake up from 31 months of deep space slumber. ESA will streaming live from ESOC, Darmstadt, Germany, with full coverage of the day’s historic events as they unfold, starting at 09:15 GMT (10:15 CET)

Rosetta’s computer is programmed to re-establish contact with Earth on 20 January, starting with an ‘alarm clock’ at 10:00 GMT. Immediately afterwards, the spacecraft’s startrackers will begin to warm up, taking around six hours. Rosetta will then send a signal to Earth to announce that it is awake.

News 8 January 2014

Welcome to the latest issue of the Ecsite Space Group newsletter. The Space Group is a forum of science centres, museums and space professionals across Europe working to communicate the wonders of space.


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