The Space Group

Cité de l’espace, Toulouse, France. Photo: P. Beteille

Joining Ecsite’s Space Group translates to closer contact with Space professionals and also means being better informed about Space news, programmes and discoveries. The Space Group will also offer opportunities for sharing experience, expertise, knowledge and tools.

For Europe’s main Space actors (ESA, national agencies, industries, research institutions and academia), the Space Group will serve as a framework for close collaboration among science communication professionals.

The group aims to support the joint development of projects and activities, so that space communication towards different publics becomes more efficient. It will take advantage of already established European networks within Ecsite and within the European Space network from ESA and its member states. The space group will benefit from the networking capacity of both.

Communicating about Space may not be an easy task for a non-specialist. Before the 2012 Ecsite Conference in Toulouse, France -‘Space and Time, unlimited’ – a workshop entitled, Communicating European achievements in Space was organized by Ecsite, Cité de l’Espace and the European Space Agency (ESA). Representatives from science centres, Space agencies, including the French space agency (CNES), and the industry, debated how to communicate Space topics to a wide public.

This group gained momentum during the conference and a task force was created which proposed an Ecsite Space Thematic Group which would include one representative from ESA, (Maria Menendez, Head of Exhibitions and Images, ESA, Paris, France) one from a science centre specializing in Space (Marc Moutin, Director of exhibitions at the Cité de l’Espace, Toulouse, France) and a representative from a non-Space oriented science centre (Ana Noronha, Executive Director of Ciência Viva, Lisbon, Portugal).

Another meeting was held in October 2012, in Naples, at Città della Scienza, with the participation of representatives from science centres, industry and from the Italian Space Agency (ASI), during the International Astronautical Congress. The proposal of the thematic group was formally approved in November 2012, during the Ecsite Board Meeting, in Luleä, Sweden.

Group members


  • Marc Moutin, Cité de l´Espace, France
  • Ana Noronha, Ciência Viva, Portugal
  • Maria Menendez, European Space Agency, France


  • Michaela Livingstone Science and Discovery Centres, UK


  • Phillipe Collot, CNES, France
  • Hugo Marée, European Space Agency
  • Wendy van den Putte, NEMO, ESERO, Netherlands
  • Vincent Blech, Universcience, France
  • Elisabeth Moussine-Pouchkine, CNES, France
  • Fiorella Coliolo, European Space Agency
  • Luigi Amodio, Città della Scienza, Italy
  • Viviana Panaccia, Telespazio, Italy
  • Monica Talevi, European Space Agency
  • Meyer Planetarium de Vaulx-en-Velin, France
  • Carmen Guerra , Parque de las Ciencias, Spain
  • Christophe Tardieu, Universcience, France
  • Fernando Doblas, European Space Agency
  • Filip Nicolaisen, NAROM, Norway
  • Valentina Di Sarno, Città della Scienza, Italy
  • Stefania Arena, ASI, Italy
  • Anita Heward, Google Lunar X Prize, Europe
  • Rob van den Berg, Space-Expo, Netherlands
  • Guido Schwarz, Swiss Space Museum, Switzerland
  • Michelle Accardo, VZW Kattevennen – Europlanetarium, Belgium
  • Fulgencio Bermejo, MUDIC, Spain

Contact details

Didier Laval, Project Manager, Ecsite, Brussels, Belgium


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Thursday, February 6, 2014 - 12:08