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News 6 December 2023
TechEthos game: Ages of Technology Impact

The TechEthos Project developed a Card Game using the Triadic Game Design methodology - in a series of workshops with science engagement professionals and game experts.

News 27 October 2023

Are you an organisation with experience in Climate Engineeing, Digital Extended Reality and Neurotechnologies?
Help us review our ethical operational guidelines.

Calls 4 July 2023


TechEthos is an EU-funded project that deals with the ethics of the new and emerging technologies anticipated to have high socio-economic impact. Three technology families have been identified as its focus area: Digital Extended Reality, Climate Engineering, and Neurotechnologies.

Calls 3 July 2023

Ecsite is a European Network of Science Engagement organisations based in Brussels. We are currently looking for web designers to digitalise a museum installation for an EU-funded project – TechEthos.

News 13 March 2023

What if you could shape your ideal world? Would you let emerging technologies like the metaverse or neurostimulation reach their full potential? The TechEthos Game: Ages of Technology Impact is a new serious game designed by the TechEthos project to engage with these new and emerging technologies and their ethical impacts.

News 9 November 2021

Research ethics and integrity is vital in research but how do we ensure research ethics and integrity is seen as the foundation of excellence in research and innovation? And further to this, how do we ensure it is brought to the forefront of technology innovation to build public trust in future research outputs?

News 10 August 2021
The image selected as the TechEthos website homepage banner shows two innovators discuss a robotic arm.

www.techethos.eu is here! As the project's window towards the outside world, the website presents the people behind TechEthos and its vision, our activities and the progress we've made, and, most importantly, the new and emerging technologies which the project will work on in our special 'Technology Corner'. Whether you're looking for the latest news and events, or our enduring resources, it is the reference to keep in mind.

News 5 March 2021

On January 28th, 2021, a new EU project, TechEthos, kicked off online. Over the course of three years, TechEthos will take on new and emerging technologies to make sure they develop according to ethical and societal values

News 15 February 2021
Printed material showing patterns and designs. Photo by Balázs Kétyi.

Ecsite is looking for a designer to develop the visual identity, communication tools and website for a new EU-funded project - TechEthos.

TechEthos’s overall approach is to engage in and facilitate stakeholder dialogue and stimulate research on technologies with high socio-economic impact and the ethical challenges they might pose. TechEthos will reinforce and extend the European Union’s role as an ethics trailblazer in new, emerging technologies.

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