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Call for Offer – Web developer experienced with digital exhibition

Ecsite is a European Network of Science Engagement organisations based in Brussels. We are currently looking for web designers to digitalise a museum installation for an EU-funded project – TechEthos.

TechEthos is an EU-funded project that deals with the ethics of the new and emerging technologies anticipated to have high socio-economic impact. Three technology families have been identified as its focus area: Digital Extended Reality, Climate Engineering, and Neurotechnologies.

TechEthos aims to facilitate “ethics by design”, namely, to bring ethical and societal values into the design and development of new and emerging technologies from the very beginning of the process. The project will produce operational ethics guidelines for three technologies for users such as researchers, research ethics committees and policymakers. To reconcile the needs of research and innovation and the concerns of society, the project has been exploring the awareness, acceptance and aspirations of academia, industry and the general public alike and is currently working to reflect them in the guidelines.

Six science centres and museums involved in the project as Linked Third Parties (LTPs) have been engaging their public in various activities, such as science cafés and game workshops to collect their awareness and attitudes towards the three technology families.

During the final year of the project, the many insights available from the process will be displayed using an installation that will be built and showcased for a minimum of two months by participating science centres and museums. In addition to the physical versions of the installation, we plan to display a digital version on the project website to reach a wider audience. The chosen contractor will be in charge of producing this digital version and maintain it until the end of the project (31st December 2023).

This document includes a project overview and a description of the tasks to be done and deadlines. Please feel free to email cboissenin@ecsite.eu with questions or comments

Brief and tasks to perform

Ecsite is looking for a company that would carry out the digitization of the installation in close cooperation with our team developing the installation. For this purpose, we need:

  • The digitization of the installation:
    • Maintenance from October to December 2023 and correction of potential issues and bugs
    • Adaptation of the visual identity into the web-design
    • Website concept: architecture, technical aspects, screen mock-ups
    • Integration of all the contents provided by Ecsite


The indicative budget for this job is 5.000 €.

Selection criteria and process

Proposals will be assessed based on the following criteria:

  1. Price efficiency and effectiveness (40%)
  2. Excellent understanding of the assignment (30%)
  3. Clear and well-defined working process (30%)

The proposals will be reviewed by Ecsite.


The result of the selection process will be given by 17th July 2023. The collaboration agreement will be signed in the following week at the latest.

Online installation – Digitisation and web design:

  • By 24th July 2023: Kick-off meeting with Ecsite
  • 31st July 2023: Website concept delivered to Ecsite
  • 11th August 2023: Architecture and technical aspects delivered to Ecsite
  • 21st August 2023: Screen mock-ups delivered to Ecsite
  • 25th August 2023: Validation by Ecsite
  • 26th August to 1st October 2023: Development
  • 2nd October 2023: Launch of the digital installation

Additional meetings will be organised to discuss and validate the different stages and proposals.

How to apply

The deadline to apply is 23.59 CEST on 12th July 2023.

In order to give us the possibility to assess the proposal, please prepare a single document in PDF format, considering the criteria set out in section 4, including:

  • Your proposal (technical aspects and technology used)
    • Methodology and project timeline with major tasks and milestones (to assess the process) (how to work together and how to work with the graphic designer)
    • Budget by line item (to assess the process)
    • Resources needed
  • Portfolio indicating examples of similarly-complex projects (to assess the technical capability)

Please send the document at the following email: cboissenin@ecsite.eu


Find in the attachement the following annexes:



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