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From MakerSpace to space of becoming - 1

Not everyone is a maker*, yet everyone “makes” him- or herself through a process of learning. We acquire knowledge from different fields through different channels, in distinct places, with selected people and at certain times. However, some of these encounters are more influential in the “making” of ourselves than others. The more we become ourselves, the more we actively choose our spaces of living, working and becoming.

The aim of the workshop is to enlarge our understanding of the powerful yet specific environments and settings that support not only learning in its broadest sense but have a lasting impact on us. What are these important places? Schools? Science Centres? Museums? MakerSpaces? Or somewhere completely different?

Part 1. A mental journey to your personal space(s) of becoming

In the first part of this workshop we “make” a reconstruction of our personal path of becoming who we are, through learning and making. Which were the most significant places for growing into our profession, societal role or personal identity? We’ll collect examples and images of existing spaces of becoming, brought along by participants and guests. A discussion will be followed by an ad hoc exhibition of images, drawings and statements.

*maker: The maker movement is nourished by the claim of Neil Gershenfeld, Director of MIT’s Center for Bits and Atoms, that today it is possible “to make (almost) anything” locally and in a bottom-up way, using technology for rapid prototyping which has become affordable. Making relies on open-source instructions and global networking.


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