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What's new in touring exhibitions - 2

A preview of current and upcoming touring science exhibitions across Europe and the world. This fast-paced session will give you a glimpse of a large range of exhibitions on offer, leaving it up to you to make contacts and find out more.


Audrey OConnel
Museum Consulting
Audrey O’Connell + Associates
United States

Session speakers

Head of science exhibition and programmes
CosmoCaixa. "la Caixa" Foundation
The Hill of the Sabre-toothed Tigers A project of the Regional Archaeological Museum in collaboration with the National Museum of Natural Sciences in Madrid and Cosmocaixa. An amazing exhibition about one of the most attractive ancient creatures where you can find a life-size model of a sabre-toothed cat (Machairodus aphanistus), plus showcases displaying the remains of herbivoresand other animals, all placed in their anatomical positions over silhouettes. 3D animations reconstruct the movement and characteristics of the animals shown. You could see as well the spectacular fossil of a giant tortoise (Titanochelon), an ancient giraffe (Decennatherium rex) or a horse (Hipparion) amond many others.
Ines Montalvao
Program Director
Artists with Evidence
Big Bang Legends, a mobile learning game on particle physics with a stunning Learning Environment by Heureka, the Finnish Science Centre in cooperation with Lightneer. Big Bang Legends makes basic particle physics concepts accessible for children and teenagers, but everyone is invited to play. Discover atoms´ structure, role and properties. Meet some of the characters from the game, essential for life to happen, like the energetic Carbon or the abundant Oxygen, and have fun with Nitrogen and Helium. You can also know more about the Periodic table – home of the elements. This Learning environment consists of an exhibition, science shows, tools for teachers and game related merchandise.
From the Cretaceous to the Ice Age to your own back yard, you’ve experienced Megalodon Creations’ larger-than-life animatronic creatures. This summer, we’re launching two new experiences for rental: Miniature Giants and Dragons: Icons of History. See dinosaurs and other stars of paleontology roam their environments from a Pterosaur’s-eye view in Miniature Giants and learn about plants, insects and the world of the past. Meet our beautiful dragons and take a selfie with these charismatic creatures – what inspired cultures around the world to dream of dragons? Learn biology, art, and culture from models and our augmented reality (AR) experience.
Head of Marketing
Flying Fish
Tyrannosaurs: Meet the Family. Tyrannosaurs brings the latest discoveries to life, overturning our preconceptions about our favorite dinosaur. Through twelve main interactives, five stunning life-sized skeletons, many models, and extremely rare fossil specimens, the exhibition provides a snapshot of dinosaur life and shows how this group became the world’s top predators. Using cutting-edge technology, Tyrannosaurs features augmented reality, and includes hands-on and multimedia experiences that will engage and excite children and adults alike. The exhibition has broken attendance records from Australian Museum to Te Papa in New Zealand and is now touring North America before coming to the UK to continue its tour in 2021 and beyond.
Chris Harris, ACMI
Head of Exhibition and Touring
The Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI)
Fall down the rabbit hole into Wonderland, an immersive, interactive world premiere exhibition from ACMI - celebrating the timeless stories of Alice’s adventures on screen. Charting the evolution of cinematic special effects, from pre-cinematic entertainment & silent era films, to animation, live action and CGI, take a trip through the looking glass to explore the creative development and processes behind moving image technologies over the past 100 years. The exhibition brings together unique, original materials and experiences tracing cultural and technological shifts that have compelled artists and filmmakers to continually return to the Alice story since the birth of cinema.
Lisa O'Keefe, GES Events
Director, Partner Development
GES Events
Based on the groundbreaking HBO® series, GAME OF THRONES: The Touring Exhibition will give fans the experience of a lifetime with an up-close and personal look into the world of Westeros and Essos. In collaboration with HBO Global Licensing, global events provider GES Events designed and built the show’s largest public display to date. The exhibition beautifully showcases the sumptuous costumes, authentic props, and majestic settings from all seven seasons of the worldwide hit series GAME OF THRONES in an interactive, immersive experience which leads visitors through several dynamically themed exhibition areas.
Director of Exhibitions
S T O N E H E N G E. THE EXHIBITION. An overwhelming experience. Over 400 Original objects. The last decades of crossdisciplinary researchers are revealing breathtaking facts for understanding the truth of Stonehenge. This unique monument built some 5000 years ago never stood alone. During 1.200 years, it was the center of a cultural landscape, a topographic point of reference for other buildings, a meeting point for thousands coming from long distances to honor their ancestors, to celebrate life and death admiring the summer and the winter solstices. Curator: Professor Mike Parker Pearson. Opening: October 2018 Producer: MuseumsPartner
Expona and Contemporanea Progetti work in the development and production of traveling exhibitions. Specialised in the conception, organisation, design of exhibitions and cultural services. Over the years they have collaborated with important museums worldwide, proposing creative successful projects. Exhibitions to be presented: 1. The Neanderthal Woman: Edmèe 2. The Sea at the Time of Dinosaurs: Paleoacquarium 3. Gladiators: Heroes of the Colosseum 4. Leonardo - 500 Years: The Man Behind the Myth 5. The Human Genome: What makes us Unique 6. Virtual Man
Jack Horner’s World of Dinosaurs-Everything You Know About Dinosaurs Is Prehistoric! World famous paleontologist, Jack Horner, is redefining how we think about the biggest creatures that ever roamed the Earth. Visitors join Jack at the Hell Creek Formation dig site in Montana and take an immersive and interactive adventure through the geological history he uncovers. New theories on the colours, skin texture, sounds, and movements of the ancestors of our birds today are dramatically revealed using the latest in hologram and projection technology to transport visitors back to the environment as it was 65 million years ago. This touring experience features cutting-edge science, hands-on interactives, spectacular immersive environments, and educational materials.
Little Ray's Nature Centres
Frogs 'Weird, Gross, Cool; Nature's Ninjas - Defences of the Animal Kingdom; Survival of the Slowest; Eye of the Beholder
Faculty member
University of Crete
The Centre of the Study and Research of the History of Education and Teachers Education of the University of Crete, situated in the city of Rethymnon, Crete, Greece includes two units: the University Educational Museum and the Collection Helen Glykatzi-Arweiller. In this context, researches, projects, seminars, visits, programs are taken place: visits and projects on Museums and Pedagogy, post-graduate programs on Critical Pedagogy and Teachers education (CPTE) and an exhibition on CPTE. This Exhibition is presented (audiovisual material, photos etc) that emphasizes on the value of Critical Pedagogy and the role of modern teacher in the 21st century.
Creative Manager
“All about sugar” is an awarded exhibition opened in November 2017 in Health Care Museum in Tallinn, Estonia. The license for the content, animations and design is available for creating the exhibition on this hot topic in your country as well. The topic is created by scientists and has a number of animations explaining the history of sugar production, how sugars turn into energy, how sugar makes us fat, what happens when we try to lose weight by starving. Sugars in nature, cultural compounds, sugar in consumer products and psychological aspects are covered.
Senior Traveling Exhibitions Manager, Sales
The Field Museum of Natural History
After thrilling museum visitors from London to Sydney, the Field Museum’s highly popular Mammoths and Mastodons: Titans of the Ice Age exhibition is being re-envisioned for new audiences at a smaller 460m2 footprint. Journey back in time to live among these larger than life creatures and explore the Ice Age environments they traversed. With an exciting collection of touchable casts, immersive media, engaging interactives, and life-sized replications, visitors revel in the size and scale of the proboscidae family, witness their daily struggles, and watch as today's scientists use cutting-edge technologies to research these spectacular animals and why they became extinct.
"The story of the Apollo Moon Landings"
Julie Moskalyk
Science Director
Science North
Science North is Canada’s second largest science centre and a leading provider of touring exhibitions for over two decades. As an operating science centre, we truly understand what it means to deliver high-impact, turnkey visitor experiences. Presented here are three of our most popular blockbuster exhibitions, each packed with hands-on interactives, immersive environments, and valuable learning outcomes. Arctic Voices connects visitors with the remarkable animals that live in the Arctic, the resilient people that inhabit this region, and the dedicated scientists who are helping to reveal what makes the Arctic so unique. Wildlife Rescue (for permanent sale) immerses visitors in compelling stories of animal rescue and rehabilitation, the passionate people who are dedicating their lives to taking action, and the science behind their efforts. And last but not least, what’s even more amazing than Robert Ripley’s legendary compendium of oddities, anomalies and fantastic feats? The science that underlies them! The Science of Ripley’s Believe It or Not!® is an adventure through the remarkable realms of scientific discoveries and real artifacts. Reach out today to learn more about these exhibitions and all that we offer. We’d love to work with you!