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What's new in touring exhibitions - 1

A preview of current and upcoming touring science exhibitions across Europe and the world. This fast-paced session will give you a glimpse of a large range of exhibitions on offer, leaving it up to you to make contacts and find out more.

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Audrey OConnel
Museum Consulting
Audrey O’Connell + Associates
United States

Session legacy

I was delighted to convene these 3 extraordinary sessions dedicated to the business of touring exhibitions in our field of museums and science centres, Our speakers were extremely well prepared with presentations of a very high standard! Thank you to all, and visitors to this site will hopefully be able to find your presentations loaded onto this ECSITE site relating to this session. This year was very competitive in terms of number of slots available to present so please stay tuned for the rules for next year's ECSITE conference. Don't miss the opportunity to present your new exhibition to this important marketplace. Audrey

Session speakers

Junior Project Manager
Mysteries of pollen is an exhibition where we present to you the microscopic world of pollen grains. At each stand you can view a photograph captured using a scanning electron microscope, showing a pollen grain enlarged tens of thousands times. We have used this photo to produce a 3D model of the pollen grain, which you can touch and rotate. Each type of pollen is accompanied by a short story of the extraordinary efforts that are taken by some species of plants to reproduce. On several stands you are also able to smell the floral fragrances of the presented plants.
United Kingdom
Nomad is working on a new exhibition that focusses on the rich Graeco-Roman period of Egyptian history. The exhibition is entitled Golden Mummies of Egypt and features collections drawn from the permanent galleries of Manchester Museum in the UK. The exhibition is unique in that it will highlight in particular how life in Egypt during the Roman Empire contrasted to the Pharaonic period and how Egypt became a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic and religiously diverse society through the period 300 BC to 200 AD. The exhibition features eight beautifully decorated mummies as well as glassware, pottery, papyrus and painted portraits.
Manuel Roca
Production Department Manager
Play. Science and music - an interdisciplinary proposal exhibition with an extension of 1,800 m2, which invites us to explore the world of music, including an extensive historical collection of musical instruments, a sound laboratory, workshops, scientific experiments, luthier, live music, multimedia experiences, audiovisuals, etc. It is an opportunity to understand and feel our passion for music and science. This exhibition has been designed and produced by the Parque de las Ciencias, where it will be exhibited until December of 2019. 'Play. Science and music' is a travelling exhibition and it has been created by artists, scientists, science communicators and musicians, among others. It includes educational workshops, hands-on activities and more than 200 historical musical instrumental from differents cultures.
Exhibition Producer
Mind Your Brain! is an exhibition where visitors take good care of their brains. The exhibition consists of games and exercises that challenge the brain, designed for groups of two to five people. The brain benefits from us using it, and the exhibition provides tips for a brain-friendly life and inspires visitors to be more active. On top of e.g dancing, playing music, making crafts, brisk exercise and relaxation, the exhibition is a shared experience, as cooperation and interaction with others are particularly important for the development of the human brain.
Research Associate for Strategy and Content
La.La.Lab - The mathematics of music is a new open-source exhibition on Mathematics and Music conceived by IMAGINARY, in collaboration with world renowned experts, aimed to children, schools, families, amateur musicians and even professionals. The exhibition pivots over three axis: Music theory, learning what tools build music and how these are used to create art; Current research, giving insights on topics that push the boundaries of musical creativity and mathematical knowledge; and Art and entertainment, a joyful display of artworks from artists and mathematicians in the field. Talks/concerts at scheduled events. Inaugurated at HLFF in Heidelberg (Germany) in spring 2019, available from 2020 for partners worldwide. Curious? Visit us at lalalab.imaginary.org or contact us for additional help and services at info(a)imaginary.org.
Travelling Exhibitions Project Manager
Ocean, Underwater world - Largely inaccessible and mostly unknown, the ocean is home to fascinating forms of life. The exhibition offers a journey to the heart of this incredible biodiversity, far from the shore and its familiar species, and raises awareness of the dangers threatening the environment. In five part, the exhibition show a world to explore, drift with the current, a dive into extreme environments, an ocean of promises, between myths and reality.
Helene Wang
Export marketing manager
‘Playhuts for curious kids’ is the new production of the Cité des sciences et de l’industrie. It is an exhibition for little curious, designed especially for young children from 2 to 10 years old. In this funny and surprising exhibition, children can explore unexpected, stunning huts and express their creativity by building their own huts. 'Playhuts' is on display at the Cité des sciences et de l’industrie until January 2020 and will be available for touring.
Director of Sales
Map it! - Complete a quest across land and sea to map your world! Use coordinates to play a giant game of Battleships, navigate using the stars, and use sonar to scan your friends. Can you navigate through shipwrecks, pilot a simulated underwater vehicle, or escape a virtual building? Explore different areas and develop mapping skills, as you draw our own map and uncover layers of information. This is exhibition has just opened at Scitech (Perth, Australia) and will start touring Summer 2019.
United States
Traveling Outreach Carts - FLEXHIBIT’S engineers have re-designed six of our classic Science Center STEM Exhibits. They have been designed to fit onto carts for use in outreach at schools. The FLEXCARTS offer an engaging, multi-user and multi-outcome learning environment for students. The modular mobile cart fosters permissive learning with high productivity by standing for collaborative and individualized learning. The FLEXCARTS come with inquiry-based, Next Generation Science Standards unit plans. This curriculum addresses real-world problems of personal concern to students and can be updated to your countries standards working in collaboration with our educator team.
Touring Exhibitions Manager
United Kingdom
With our partners at the Museum of London, Wellcome Collection are seeking venues outside the UK to be part of an international tour of Skeletons: Our buried bones. We are looking for venues with their own skeleton collections or access to local skeleton collections to collaborate with us to create an exhibition which displays these individual alongside skeletons from London. Drawn in part from the Museum of London’s astonishing collection of over 20,000 skeletons spanning 16 centuries, this touring exhibition examines the bones of some of those who lived, died and were buried in London and elsewhere. Through careful scientific analysis, each skeleton reveals its own story, allowing fascinating insights into the times in which they lived and the health hazards of the day – from syphilis to rickets, broken bones to tooth decay.
Curator / Project Manager
ArtScience Museum
All Possible Paths: Richard Feynman's Curious Life. The brilliant and multi-faceted life of Nobel Prize winning physicist Richard Feynman is showcased in a brand new exhibition, curated and produced by ArtScience Museum in collaboration with the Nobel Museum. Feynman was one of the most influential physicists of the 20th century, known for his work in quantum mechanics and for many technological advances that now support our everyday lives. His work changed the way physicists think forever and he received the Nobel Prize in 1965. The exhibition uses both art and science, as well as striking contemporary design, to convey the importance and relevance of Feynman’s work for today’s audiences. Central to the exhibition are installations, sculptures and immersive environments created by contemporary artists, which take visitors deeper into Feynman's science through art.
Development & Experience Design
Den Haag
Knights and Castles, A new look at the Middle Ages - An exhibition about the Middle Ages showing that this period was not just “dark” but that there were many technical and cultural innovations. The Music Experience, From Beethoven to Beyonce - An exhibition about music with a focus on personal experience, lifestyles and (sub)cultures.
Exhibition Partnerships Manager, Touring Exhibitions
United Kingdom
Two brand new and exciting exhibitions from the Natural History Museum, London UK will be launching to tour in 2020. Imagine a Mixed-Reality, multi-sensory interactive world where exhibits come to life. A new touring exhibition of creative and immersive experiences will be launched as part of the Audiences of the Future project funded by UK Research and Innovation and led by creative content studio, Factory 42 with the Natural History Museum. Our Touring Exhibitions portfolio looks to the future and the past as we take visitors on a fascinating journey back in time over 200 million years, diving into the prehistoric watery world of Ancient Oceans: Journey into the Jurassic. With films and state-of-the-art CGI experiences, this exhibition will bring visitors face-to-face with huge predators and strange creatures to explore life in the seas at a time when dinosaurs ruled the land.
Intermedia Artist
United States
Liquid Loom explores the interactive potential of liquid crystals as light modulating material; their shape, their color, their manner of direct response to electrostatic surroundings, and the way in which subtle design differences of each LCD display results in a slightly different response and visual effect. At its heart are repurposed ATM screens, which are stripped of all electronic controls and revealed as bare liquid filled glass. Through re-purposing what is normally considered e-waste, we are able to interact with liquid crystal media as a polariscope which are visually responsive to subtle electrostatic charges generated through friction and motion.
Science North International Sales
Senior Manager International Sales
Science North
In partnership with Ripley Entertainment, The Science of Guinness World Records will engage visitors of all ages and skill levels in real science experiences and record-breaking challenges. In this 6000sq ft. exhibition, premiering at Science North in March 2020, visitors will learn the science behind some of the most amazing feats while testing, improving, and honing their skills. Through a combination of interactive media, physical and mental challenges, and intriguing artifacts, visitors will gain an understanding of their body and how it reacts, focuses, and endures. Hosts will have the opportunity to attempt a Guinness World Record with an official Adjudicator, and become Officially Amazing®!