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The Futurium is a house of futures. It unites under the same roof a museum of the future with vivid scenarios, a laboratory of the future in which visitors can make their own explorations, a forum of the future for dialogue between players from different spheres as well as for artistic projects. Foreseeable, imaginable and desirable drafts of possible futures are presented and discussed at the Futurium.

Getting to know what’s new, questioning the familiar, and picking up on stimuli that lead to action – the Futurium allows its visitors a glimpse into the world of tomorrow. The major question “How do we want to live?” always remains at the core of the issues under consideration.

The Futurium pools experts and players from the spheres of science and culture, politics, business and society – in the exhibition and in experiments, in discussions and in concerts, in workshops and in debates. More than 5,000 square metres on three floors are available for this purpose.

The Futurium, which is situated in the vicinity of Berlin’s central station at the very heart of the city, will be launched on 5 September 2019.


Humanoid robots, greened skyscrapers, communal economies: the possible conceptions of the future are endless. In its exhibition the Futurium will introduce and discuss various proposals for possible futures against the background of such questions as: how do we want to work and live in the future? How do we want to deal with technological progress and actively shape it? How can we unfold as individuals and conserve natural resources at the same time? In three large “thinking spaces”, visitors will be taken on an exhibition tour focusing on our future relationship with technology, with nature and with ourselves as human beings.


Hands on, join in, try out. The laboratory in the Futurium’s basement has been developed to entice visitors of all ages to join in. The Futurium Lab makes new technologies, ideas and knowledge about the future accessible – with the major emphasis on “Do it yourself”, open source and co-design. The showcase lets visitors experience imaginative and interactive installations, while the workshop puts at their disposal 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC milling machines and robot arms for projects. Everyone is invited to participate.


Science meets politics; experts meet curious citizens; and visionaries meet everyday heroes: the forum of the future provides impetus for the discussion of possible paths into a livable future and the conducting of exciting debates on these topics. In this arena, the themes addressed in the exhibition are deepened and the findings made in the laboratory are discussed. The forum provides space to enable a broad range of possible answers to coexist beside one another. In the engagement with possible futures artists make an extraordinary contribution. In spheres where the frontiers of rational explanation have been reached, the arts can open up new spaces of consciousness by means of imagination. Artistic interventions, concerts and performances invite visitors to catch a visionary glimpse of the not too distant future.