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Culture Instable

Consultancy and Training in the cultural sector, in innovative science communication practices and in heritage interpretation.

Building bridges between the cultural sectors and the diverse knowledge areas, Culture Instable focuses primarily on creating innovative engagement experiences and building international collaborations related to Science, Culture or Heritage.

International Collaborations: from initial partnerships and projects concepts to full grant writing or project evaluation, Culture Instable designs, coordinates and assess science & society projects at European and global levels.

Engagement experiences: using storytelling for cutting edge technology, designing participatory approaches or co-creation methodologies, Culture Instable creates compelling knowledge experiences for science centres, exhibitions, events, festivals and heritage spaces.

Training: Culture Instable provides training for science centres teams, research academics, engagement practitioners and other cultural actors. Our training topics focus on our core expertise areas: innovative engagement practices, co-creation and participatory approaches, project building or evaluation, engagement experience design.