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The value of rapid prototyping

Almost every day, we read about a new platform for gaming, alternate realities or immersive experiences. In this ever-shifting technology landscape, how do informal learning organisations keep up? Frequently without the in-house financial and development resources of for-profit corporations, they find themselves behind the technology curve, questioning points-of-entry, sustainability and returns on investment. Key decision areas often focus on selecting the “best” platform for any narrative, building scalable projects, and applying frameworks for project development. Often forgotten but critical to the process is the selection of measures for success.

In this workshop, speakers offer mini-sessions to explore the value of design thinking and prototyping, inviting participants to critique presented prototypes and develop prototypes on their own on STEM and social/societal themes.

More about this session:

Mini-sessions are offered on the following:

1. Recruiting creative partners

2. Applying design thinking to museum and science centre-based technologies

3. Prototyping, with emphasis on failing quickly and the MVP (minimal viable product)

4. Developing rubrics for evaluation

5. How to speak 'tech' with contractors.


Director of Operations and Strategy
Data Science Connect
United States

Session speakers

Adjunct Professor
Parsons School of Design
Brad MacDonald a game developer, interactive designer and adjunct professor in the Parsons MFA Design and Technology program. He will be leading exercises in establishing design values, rapid prototyping, and feature prioritization.
Senior Digital Curator
United Stated Holocaust Memorial Museum
Sarah Lumbard is the senior digital curator at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum's National Institute of Holocaust Education and will be sharing exercises and insights from her experience developing media for exhibitions with deep narrative.
Director of Future Projects
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Michael leads innovation, research and development as the Director of Future Projects at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum.