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Professional development through Twitter

Twitter is not just for reaching out to your visitors or supporters – it has also become an indispensable tool for museum and science centre professionals of all levels to cooperate across institutions and share resources, experiences, information, and job opportunities.

In this reverse session, active social media users will share stories about how they use Twitter; what has proven successful – and what hasn’t. Attendees will also learn how to get the most from Twitter, including tips on how to create a profile that works for you, as well as features like hashtags, mentions, replies, lists, and more.

Other learning outcomes will include learning how to use Twitter to network with other colleagues, connect with new contacts, participate in social media events, and cooperate with people around the world. Attendees will also learn how to engage in real-time conversations and chats on Twitter.

The session will feature an open discussion between participants and speakers. Everyone has a different experience with Twitter, and something to share – so let’s all learn from each other!


Peter Trevitt Consulting Ltd
United Kingdom

Session speakers

Global Business Development
American Museum of Natural History
New York
United States
Reinwardt Academy - teacher
Science writer - New media manager
Head of Communication Office