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Get a glimpse of the local and national science engagement scene! The Nocturne will be taking place at the Natural History Museum of Geneva, its famous dioramas and edgy temporary exhibitions - but also in the beautiful Malagnou park, recently converted into a natural laboratory and educational place devoted to promoting local biodiversity and nature in the city. Science activities will be led by scientists from the Museum, the University of Geneva and CERN. An evening of relaxation and science, rich in Creative Collisions and surprises.

The Natural History Museum was designed in 1966 by Swiss architect Raymond Tschudin, it is located very close to the city centre and easily reached by public transport.

A detailed programme will be available on-site. Dinner will be available at several food points.

Recommended dress code: casual. Bring comfortable shoes. As for all events, don’t forget to have your conference badge with you.

Muséum d’Histoire Naturelle
1, route de Malagnou
1208 Geneva, Switzerland

How to get there
Plan your journey at www.tpg.ch/en
From the CICG convention centre, take bus 5 at the “Vermont” stop for “Thônex-Vallard” and get off at the “Muséum” stop. Approx. journey time from CICG convention centre: 30 min.
From other places, take bus 5 or 25 and get off at “Muséum”; take bus 1 or 8 and get off at “Tranchées” or “Muséum”; take tram 12 and get off at “Villereuse”.

Select “ville-geneve” network and follow instructions (you need a mobile number in order to connect)