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Marketing: data-based audience development and branding

Marketing and communication are changing considerably in science engagement organisations as the result of the speed of online communication, the rapid growth of technology and changes in our audiences' identity. But new technologies also provide opportunities for marketing professionals: we can use data to learn about our audiences. What are the trends and do we really know what our audiences expect from us?

By defining the collective questions in our field and exchanging ideas and resources we can create meaningful partnerships and focus for our marketing programmes. Together we'll start from the major projects we are working on: we'll focus on the biggest challenges within those projects and share our best practices. By combining these reference projects and our personal missions, we'll construct a general framework of themes and trends. This workshop is for everyone working in science communication. People with leading positions in marketing, sales or management are specifically welcome.

More about this workshop: The programme will combine short presentations by experts and group work, comparing data, recent research, hopes and dreams - trying to connect the dots.

A detailed programme can be found here.


Developement Director
Development & Experience Design
Den Haag

Session speakers

Marketing Consultant
Benedicte will make a case about the experiences that Vilvite had with different pricing strategies. In their pricing strategy Vilvite have learned both from their own experience and their competitors. They have also been using direct feedback from customers to adjust prices and to make new concepts. The presentation and workshop will also talk a little bit on how the prices can influence the number of visitors.The presentation will be based on the data Vilvite has been collecting.