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Interactive museum collections: how?

There is a growing need to bring museum collections closer to the visitor for a more intense experience that better captivates the message an institution wants to convey. Science centres have a long tradition in making hands-on exhibitions.

Some science centres want to include (more) museum collections in their presentations to make the visit experience attractive to a wider audiences and to add context. On the other hand museums want to include interactives to their collection-based exhibitions to attract other types of visitors such as families.

There are many ways to make your collection interactive: replicas, hands-on exhibits, projections, multimedia, games, etc. In this session we will investigate and explore several ways to make cultural heritage interactive. What’s the best way to do it without putting the collection at risk?

The workshop will start with three short introductions before participants are divided into four smaller groups to brainstorm ideas for interactives with different types of objects. At the end of this session we will discuss do’s and don’ts and share ideas.


exhibition developer

Session speakers

Head public engagement, education & exhibition
Annelore Scholten is head of public engagement, education and exhibitions at Museum Boerhaave in Leiden The Netherlands. She is sharing ideas and experiences with interactive presentations with museum collection.
Exhibitions and Interpretation Manager
The Natural History Museum
United Kingdom
Raphael Chanay has extensive experience in developing interactive experiences for audiences, including games, participatory exhibits and information-led touchscreens.
Senior Audience Researcher
United Kingdom
Lauren Souter is an Audience Researcher at the Science Museum London and was involved in the evaluation of the new Information Age Gallery which had a number of innovative elements to support visitor's engagement with the objects on display.