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To Infinity and Beyond

Come and start your visit to #Ecsite2018 by surfing the universe. The Hong Kong Space Museum has just reopened after a £3.5 million refurbishment. HKD Creative Director Richard Houghton FRSA, Fellow of Science Centre Singapore will be talking about the development of science based games. A hands-on playful talk.

This session isn't listed in the printed programme as it's replacing the now-cancelled session: Test the CERN LHC Interactive Tunnel

Cancelled: Test the CERN LHC Interactive Tunnel

The LHC Interactive Tunnel (LIT) is a portable immersive installation where the public can experience the thrill of the research being done at CERN. Using Kinects to detect users, and projecting images on the floor and on a video wall, we can create different learning experiences in a variety of subjects.

In this session, we'll share lessons learnt in the development process of the game and will hopefully have a simplified version to play first hand.

Become a particle accelerator by kicking protons, experience the Higgs Mechanism in the first person or become a virtual operator of a Hadron Therapy facility.

More about the games:

Proton Football: Become a particle accelerator by kicking protons. See what happens when particles bump into each other in the Large Hadron Collider and get a grasp of how physicists make discoveries using colliders.

Higgnite: The Higgs Boson, discovered by scientists at CERN, is one of the keys to understand why the universe is the way it is. In Higgnite the user becomes a particle, which can hop between an area where the Higgs Field is absent, and another where it will interact with the Higgs Field, thus gaining mass. Experience the Higgs Mechanism, in the first person.

HEAL: One of the many practical applications of particle physics is Hadron Therapy. The goal of this technique is to treat certain types of cancers using beams of protons, with great success and reduced side effects. HEAL invites the user to become a virtual operator of a Hadron Therapy facility.

Wondering what the GameLab is? This is our definition for the Ecsite conference. Don't hesitate to pop by during one of the drop-in slots!

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