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The Grand Bazaar

Welcome to the Grand Bazaar, an informal drop-in session featuring dozens of table-top activities - and their facilitators. This long-time favourite session returns to take you on a creative and inspiring journey with spicy experiments, hands-on activities and demonstrations from the best presenters. Our aim is to share our best experiences and spice up your life with new ideas to use everywhere you go. This is a great place to learn something new and get in contact with other playful and creative colleagues.


Head of Development

Session speakers

Ian Russell
Ian Russell Interactives
High Peak, Derbyshire
United Kingdom
Ian will set up a microscope connected to a video camera and show some demonstrations from his popular Blown-up Biology Show. As people watch, and while interacting conversationally with his audience, he will quickly prepare microscope slides from various cultures of living microscopic organisms and show them spectacularly magnified on a large screen. You will see breath-taking views of Euglena, Volvox, Spirogyra, Paramecium, Amoeba, Hydra, Daphnia and human cells donated by a brave volunteer.
Head of Education
United Kingdom
Magnetism and electricity. You can`t see, hear or smell them. But they are always around us. In this session I would like to show you small experiments which make these phenomenas more understandable. We will also have a look at how magnetism and electricity are connected. And we will even build a tiny electromotor. Welcome!
Founder and Director of AlElieh for Science Environment and Art Science and Maker Educator / consultant
AlElieh for Science Environment and Art
East Jerusalem
Palestinian Territory
To communicate simple science knowledge and experiments thru weekly activities in newspapers. A way of reaching a bigger and more diverse audience.
Educational Researcher & senior explainer
Pleiadi s.c.s
"Science proof of the presence of invisible human beings". I will use food and low budget material.
Pedro Pombo
We will explore experiments related with electricity and light to show how to engage visitors into challenges and into “do it together” activities. Our proposal is to make simple kits with low cost materials related with our society and to develop an approach based on science applications that are used by participants in their day life.
We want to show all attenders how to learn coding in 10 minutes. We use our special robots and software which are developed by Turkish Engineers. We use this software and robots for children's STEM education in our Science Center.
Naomi Foster
Public Engagement Officer
Newcastle upon Tyne
United Kingdom
Interactive Exhibit Developer - Science Show Performer
Suiting this year’s motto “life” I would like to invite you to explore various experiments with air. The highlight is a hairdryer competition. There you get to set your own record in navigating a ball through a course of tubes with the help of a hairdryer only.
Head of education
Educational leader
Make your own helicopter in seconds. Watch it spin and light it up with LED-light.