Eskisehir Science & Experiment Center of Metropolitan Municipality and Sabanci Planetarium

Eskisehir Science-Experiment Center and Sabanci Planetarium, established on April 2012, offer people of all ages and backgrounds the opportunity to experiment and explore 70 experimental tools. The combination of hands-on tools, exhibitions, demonstartion encourage visitors to experience the pleasure of life-long learning. With full size dinosaurs you’ll see the connection between the past and the present.; with the earthquake simulator, you’ll practice natural disaster and its precautons; the Maglev Train, Hydrogen Rocket and the rest of the tools encourage your perspective in science. Average of 3000 people weekly, mostly elementary students, come to the Scince Center. The biggest advantage for the explorers is to finish their voyage in the biggest planetarium in Turkey located in the same building.Stars and galaxy gazing presantations showing like “Zula”, “Astranaut” and “Stars” and also the great view of our on sky of the precise moment creates the great excitement for the audience.