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General Open Stage

After a successful first edition in 2015, the Open stage is back! In this session, speakers have exactly four minutes on stage and a video projector at their disposal to share experiences, epiphanies, projects, opinions etc with other participants.


Julie Becker
Development & Experience Design
Den Haag

Session speakers

Kate Phillips looking at dinosaur skeletons
Senior Curator, Science Exhibitions
Museum Victoria
Philipp Breuss-Schneeweis
Founder Schneeweis Technology
Schneeweis.Technology is a pioneer in using Augmented Reality within museums. In this Open Stage presentation I will talk about a project I did together with the Keltenmuseum Hallein, where we created virtual 3D avatars of "Speaking Celts", who serve as "guards" in front of the museum as well as "guides" through the museum in an interactive and emotional way. We believe that this way of "bringing history to life" is unique and deserves to be shared in the community of science engagement.
Director of Educational Activities
Monika Fiby
Zoo Designer
ZooLex Zoo Design Organization
Designing exhibits for live animals means to reconcile the different and sometimes conflicting needs of animals, visitors and zoo staff alike. I will introduce tools that have proven useful for this task.
Project manager and developer
Kersnikova Institute
The advanced forms of contemporaneity are subjects of artistic practices and projects presented at Kersnikova Institute. I will give a brief insight into Kapelica Gallery art programme with emphasis on incubation modules of cooperation between artists and scientists. As an active art production platform we create conditions, which enable wider social reflections of predominant civilization processes and partner with many international organizations and networks inter alia European Digital Art & Science Network.
Director, Programming
3D printing is becoming increasingly present in North American science centres. Beyond the sense of wonder it inspires and the desire to "print everything", we asked ourselves about the relevance of such a tool. While working on the Human project, a permanent exhibition, we learned that 3D printing also has medical applications. We recognized the power of 3D printers to democratize and customize the manufacture of prostheses. The custom prosthesis becomes an instrument of personal expression, rather than being merely functional.
Kate Driver
Deputy Director and General Manager Operations
Questacon – Australia’s National Science and Technology Centre will be showcasing an app called ‘Marbelous’ a virtual marble-run sandbox for desktop, iOS and Android™. Prepare to lose your marbles in a whole new way, this app will challenge your design and puzzle-solving skills and complements the Questacon Smart Skills hands-on student and teacher workshops undertaken across Australia. You can use classic marble-run components like cardboard ramps; wooden rulers; tomato sauce bottles and more to build a virtual track, the app also has the ability to link marble runs together that can then be shared with family and friends through social networks. The App creates an opportunity to intersect between the digital and physical worlds to engage new generations in the opportunities of science and technology. The challenge will be issued from Australia to join us in a planet wide cooperation of physical and digital hands on learning We are looking to work with partner organisations to physically and digitally connect across the globe using the app and physical marble runs to show that science and inspiration can be without barriers in celebration of the International Day of Science Centres and Science Museums on 10 November 2016.