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Expanding Horizons: An introduction to EU funding

You would like to get your share of European funding - but you don’t know where to start? Many public engagement institutions are involved in EU-funded projects - however, for newcomers this world might seem overwhelming. Framework programmes, societal challenges, cross-cutting issues, calls for proposals, work packages… what does all this EU jargon mean? How to enter the world of European-funded actors? How to build a strong partnership? And how to make sure your proposal is amongst the best?

The Ecsite team is offering a one-day pre-conference workshop aimed at science engagement professionals who know little about EU funding but also those who have some experience but want to get better at writing proposals and increasing their chances of getting funded.

This workshop will focus on the European Commission’s Research and Innovation Framework Programme (currently “Horizon 2020”, from 2021 “Horizon Europe”).

The workshop aims at reaching the following objectives:

  • To familiarise participants with funding opportunities under Horizon 2020 and to show them how to look for suitable calls, how to read them and understand them
  • To introduce techniques for getting your organisation known in the EU world
  • To understand what makes good partnerships (consortia): how to build them and how to assess them
  • To introduce the criteria against which proposals are being evaluated
  • To share tips and tricks on writing strong proposals
  • To provide an update on the negotiations for the next "Horizon Europe" Framework Programme .

The day will be split into three main blocks:

  1. Calls for proposals: where to find them and how to understand them
  2. Consortia: roles, partners, networking
  3. Proposals: evaluation criteria, templates, timelines and writing

Each block will use concrete examples and will follow the path from calls to proposals to concrete projects and their legacies. The formats used in each block will be a mix of lecture-style presentations and interactive sessions. Participants in the workshop will also get a chance to "get their hands dirty" in working with real calls for proposals.

A more detailed programme can be checked here.


Maria Zolotonosa
Senior Project Manager

Session speakers

Carmen Fenollosa
Senior Project Manager
Carmen Fenollosa his experienced in managing and writing EU-funded project proposals. She will share her experience and facilitate group work during the workshop.
Public Engagement Associate
United Kingdom
Didier Laval is experienced in writing proposals for EU-funded project as well as evaluating them for the European Commission