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A blindfolded experience to grasp visual accessibility requirements

This workshop will offer participants a blindfolded discovery of:

- a little walk.

- some Business Bistro booths.

- various adapted exhibits brought by the speakers (relief drawing, adapted multimedia, editorial audio sequences, sculptures, sounds that helps ergonomic discovery, tactile books or games, etc.).

During the whole workshop, participants will be blindfolded or will be wearing special glasses making them visually impaired. Speakers and convenors will guide them. Those who wear visually impaired glasses will be able, too, to guide a blindfolded person. A collective experience feedback discussion will be taking place at the end of the session.

Participants will really feel in their body what it means to be blind or visually impaired. They will remember “in the flesh” the important points they have to take into consideration when putting together future exhibits or designs.

The workshop is for 30 people maximum.

Meet up at Universcience's booth (n°21)


Exhibit developer and Curator

Session speakers

accessibility expert (visualy impaired people)
Universciences (Palais de la découverte et Cité des sciences et de l'induistrie)
Nathalie Joncour, accessibility expert at la Cité des sciences et de l’industrie, Universcience, Paris. She is visually impaired and she will really share her own double experience (professional and impaired person).
Project Manager
Benny Beringer, from Huttinger, will present the vision of a company that fabricate experiences and hands-on for clients: how different museums are interested in accessibility , how they propose to include it in their exhibition and how Huttinger can guide them to create accessible exhibits.