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Advancing equity, diversity and inclusion

The diversity and inclusion working group has an ambitious goal: to create a framework that will support the efforts on more equitable science engagement. This pre-conference workshop is an opportunity for everyone from any level of expertise regarding D&I to gain inspiration from those who are committed to making a difference in their institution and to review and co-create the draft framework that will be presented. Two inspirational speakers, Bojan Markicevic and Liz Rasekoala, will challenge us about our personal and organisational journeys and act as discussants throughout the day.

The pre-conference will be rythmed by talks, reflections and practical workshop elements, engaging everyone to share and analyse their practices. By the end of the session, you will walk away with new tools, a network of support and an understanding of the shifts institutions go through when embarking on an initiative in equity, diversity and inclusion.

A more detailed programme can be checked here.


Executive Manager
Amparo Leyman Pino
San Francisco
United States

Session speakers

Head of Communications & PR
I have been enchanted by Dr. Rasekoala speech at the 2016 Ecsite Annual Conference: her talk about inclusion, equality and diversity hooked me, and revived my old times feminist commitment. I enthusiastically participated from the very beginning to this informal group of colleagues members of the Ecsite Association who gather under the naming “Diversity, Inclusion and Social Equity Framework” to promote these principles in our science communication field. I volunteered to lead 1 of the 5 groups in which the Framework is structured: strategy, to understand how clearly and deeply Diversity, Inclusiveness and Equity are embedded in our institutions. To accomplish the research which we just started, to develop the draft document which specifies the framework, it would be a great opportunity to receive the contribution of the people involved in the framework, since their ideas will consistently mirror the diverse, equal & inclusive spirit of the theme, collectively bringing the project to the next level of maturity.
Programme Manager - International Relations and Learning
Supporting a school to develop a long-term and well-anchored strategy for inclusive STEM-teaching Marianne Achiam from the Univerisity of Copenhagen and Sheena Laursen from Experimentarium developed and hosted a 2-day seminar (Girls STEM in) for one of the largest primary schools in Denmark. The seminar was based on the work done in the Hypatia project and over the years at Experimentarium. Sheena Laursen will present some of the content of the seminar and share some of the outcomes over the next just over a year. Interestingly many of the ideas and initiatives we have worked on at Experimentarium resonated really well with the school STEM teachers. Representatives of the school contacted us to ask if we could help them develop a long-term and well-anchored strategy for inclusive STEM-teaching for the 7th – 10th grade (13 – 16 year olds in Denmark). We developed a 2-day seminar to equip the STEM teachers to develop their STEM classes and teaching so they became more ‘gender inclusive’ and to develop and reflect on how their class content and the school’s and classroom’s physical environment could become more inclusive. One of the goals for the school was that the interest for STEM was raised with minimum 20% amongst girls in this age group already over the first school year. This is something they have measured. Furthermore the school has developed a charter for gender inclusion in STEM. Sheena will share their data and their charter for gender inclusion.
Community Liaison Manager
Newcastle upon Tyne
United Kingdom
Prior to moving into the science sector nearly two years ago, I had a 30 year career working in housing management including; managing housing estates, anti-social behaviour and homeless teams and in the last 10 years focusing on tenant participation and community development. I am very committed to diversity, inclusion, equity and improving customer experience. Because of my background I have special incite which I want to use to support and influence the science sector. Diversity, inclusion and equity are important to me, as is engaging with the community, ensuring their voice is heard. I have recently joined with colleagues supporting the development of a Ecsite Diversity and Inclusion Framework.
Engagement Leader for Social Inclusion and Innovation
Firstly engaged in the preconference workshop at the 2018 ECSITE conference, I discovered the commitment and relevance of the active group of ECSITE members “Diversity, Inclusion and Social Equity Framework”. This research echoed with the perspective we wanted to reinforce in my organization, and also with my 10 years of professional engagement in charge of several projects in disadvantaged area of my town, working for more diversity and equity in access into science informal learning. I came back home after the 2018 ECSITE conference, determined to commit and participate actively to the group, what I can now realize with being involved all year long as a referent of 1 of the 5 working groups of the Framework and with actively taking part in the pre-conference workshop.
Consultant and trainer
As early member of the social inclusion and diversity group, I’ve contributed to previous pre conference workshop. Have been working on social inclusion for seven year and I’ve my share of failures, almost successes and great inspirations. As leader of the STAFF subgroup of the Framework my focus is professional development of science engagement institution staff. I will support the facilitation and provide resources including those developed in the intercultural projet PISEA for Intercultural Training of Science Educators and Explainers.
Dr. Elizabeth Rasekoala
African Gong- the Pan-African Network for the Popularisation of Science & Technology, and Science Communication
South Africa
Liz Rasekoala kicked off the issue of equity, diversity and inclusion with her inspiring and challenging keynote speech in 2016.
Bojan Markicevic
Science communication consultant
Atelier des Jours a Venir, Paris, France & Fifth gymnasium, Zagreb, Croatia
Bojan Markicevic is a science adviser and teacher from Croatia with a focus on migrant and refugee communities. He will challenge us about our personal journeys.