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Social inclusion, equity and diversity: Organisational change

How do we break out of our own echo chamber(s) and roll out the diversity, equity and inclusion agenda throughout all areas of our organisations for embedded, transformative change? Tying in with the “pushing boundaries” conference theme, this one-day pre-conference workshop will offer an engaging mix of speaker presentations, small group discussions, workshops and creative activities. Reaching beyond our perceived boundaries, the workshop will bring the ‘outside voice in’ and take our ‘internal voice out’ to create a widening wave of impact throughout the Ecsite conference and community.

Our schedule involves four main sections during the day, providing different approaches to involve and engage all delegates:

  1. Keynote speaker presentations: bringing the 'outside' voice in, we want to involve the voices that are too often absent from the room!
  2. Small group discussions and peer learning: Time for individual work, reflection, peer discussion, facilitation and adaptation of personal roadmaps for action. This session will introduce criteria from a practical framework tool, developed by the sector, that highlights inclusion as a cross-cutting issue affecting all areas of our work.
  3. An international showcase of Lightning Talks: a vibrant format showcasing a range of programmes and research from our delegates to share best practice. Join in!
  4. Creative, playful activities and direct personal interventions in other preconferences to break out of our echo chamber.

A more detailed programme can be checked here.


Consultant and trainer
Shaaron Leverment, Deputy CEO at ASDC
Acting CEO
The Association for Science and Discovery Centres
United Kingdom
Executive Manager
Dr. Elizabeth Rasekoala
African Gong- the Pan-African Network for the Popularisation of Science & Technology, and Science Communication
South Africa
Head of Communication, International Collaborations, Marketing & PR
Nicole Bullock from We The Curious
Head of Audience
We The Curious
Development & Experience Design
Den Haag

Session speakers

Museums Association
United Kingdom
Sharon Heal, Chair of the Museum of Homelessness and Director of the Museums Association will share the action and activism taking place in the sector and the responsibility we have in bringing the outside voice in.
senior project officer
Lightning Talk Title: "When national politics is fostering institutional involvement for gender equity and diversity"
Amparo Leyman Pino
San Francisco
United States
Lightning Talk Title: "Institutional Change"
Director, Exhibitions
Lightning Talk Title: "Iron Willed: Women in STEM"
Manager, Exhibitions
Ingenium Canada
Lightning Talk Title: "Exhibition Development: Accessibility in 20 memes"
Community Liaison Manager
Newcastle upon Tyne
United Kingdom
Lightning Talk Title: "Pushing the boundaries for autistic visitors"
Meie van Laar
Head of Education & Research, Science Learning Center
Lightning Talk Title: "From content inclusivity to organisational inclusivity"