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Museogamix: Creative marathon - day 1

Let’s investigate and reinterpret the Experimentarium science centre, venue of this Ecsite Conference, through the lens of a fun and inspiring two-day workshop. Inspired by the Museomix creative marathon process, this workshop brings together game makers and organisations interested in unleashing the power of games and play into their public spaces. The games will be designed, built and tested with the aim of learning how to transform visitors' experiences.

Whether you want to learn how to make an escape game, design a game for inclusion and diversity, or work on any idea of your own, you will team up with people with complementary skills to design a game from needs and constraints, to idea, to prototype, to real life testing.

The workshop is run as a collaboration between the teams behind two recurring spaces at the Ecsite Conference: the GameLab, an informal space run by an international team of game developers; and the MakerSpace, curated by a group of tinkerers and educators from all over the world.

You are a serial doodler, a game afficionado-a, a control freak? You can be curious, critical, dreamy, lazy, cynical, genuine? You dare to tinker, to code, to think, to make? If you recognise yourself in any of those, if you don’t recognise yourself in any of those: We’d love to have you on board to come and play with us!

A more detailed programme can be checked here.


Kate Kneale
Director HKD (Design studio UK)
United Kingdom

Session speakers

Research Associate
University of Bath
United Kingdom
Daniela has 8 years of experience developing games and other interactive experiences with museums all around the world. She also has 4 years of experiences organizing game-making workshops with both adults and children. During her doctorate, she explored game creation and game play as tools to educate, engage and involve the public in co-design new museum experiences. During her post-doctorate, she investigated the use of games to stimulate dialogue and social reflection in difficult heritage sites. She is also co-director of Echo Games, a social enterprise that develops interactive experiences for socio-cultural impact.
John Sear, Game Designer at Museum Games
Real-world Game Designer
Museum Games
United Kingdom
John is a veteran of 20+ years working in the game industry who now develops unique and magical experiences for public spaces. Starting out building games for console platforms he now develops games for cinemas, carparks, castles and other outdoor & indoor spaces. This had led him to work much closer with the Museum sector. In addition to the bespoke high-end experiences for larger venues he also works with much smaller ones training them in the skills needed to develop their own interactives.
Lecturer in Science Education
University of Southampton
United Kingdom
Ran is always in for new and unusual ways to trigger engagement toward science of all audiences. He designed a easy to make, low tech, escape game to be used in schools. He is also great at connecting people, bringing happiness and joy wherever he is. He will be your game fairy, helping you to make your game all beautiful and shiny so that everyone will want to play it.
Malvina Artheau
Freelance - co-creation practices and projects
Artheau Accompagnement
I support cultural institutions to set foot on the collaborative pathway. Whether it’s within their own organization, with their partners or their audience. Using methodologies borrowed from agile, design thinking and gamestorming I tackle the challenge of making people from different background, vocabulary, hierarchical levels talk, understand each other and eventually co-create together new projects through prototyping and real life testing. For this workshop I’d love to gather a team to design a game that would tackle questions such as diversity, inclusion or those of societal topics that museum and science centers are sometime chilly to deal with.
Educational leader
I work as educational leader at Oslo Science center and Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology. My background is chemical engineering and teaching. My “home base” is the makerspace, especially with low-tech creativity workshops where the kids can just have fun, be encouraged and create. I also teach programming, with focus on learning skills and ways to think, and working out activities that ties the programming to the real physical world around us. I will be the tinkering wizard of the workshop, encouraging and helping teams to move from idea to prototype !
Claudia is an expert in building informal outreach activities for a wide range of audiences ranging from children to the general public. In recent years Claudia has specialized in designing and building escape room games in a resourceful way even when budget are limited..