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Game Maker Challenge, or Help I need a game!

The GameLab brings together people who are working with games and play in science centres and museums. They are experienced at creating games which range from real world escape rooms to virtual reality adventures, community game hacks to commissions.

If you have a project, an ignored gallery, a tricky problem - bring your challenge to the GameLab.

We need:

  • The subject: space, nutrition, maths, natural history, ecology, genetics etc.
  • The audience: under 5s, over 50s, schools, girls, non museum visitors etc.
  • Restrictions: pop-up space, in foyer, must travel, no technician, tiny budget etc.

This is a drop in activity - come along and explore how games could change your organisation.

Wondering what the GameLab is? This is our definition for the Ecsite conference. Don't hesitate to pop by during one of the drop-in slots!


Kate Kneale
Director HKD (Design studio UK)
United Kingdom
Creative Director

Session speakers

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