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Experimentarium architecture: guided tour

The substantial extension and refurbishment of Experimentarium, which re-opened its doors in 2017, future-proofs the science centre as a significant cultural destination. The project doubled the exhibition area with a total of 18 interactive exhibitions. The aim of the design was a radical change of Experimentarium’s architectural expression, from previously being an introvert building to now appearing as an extrovert, engaging and vibrant attraction that makes its activities visible in the public space. The building was completely reorganized by mixing existing functions with new ones, adding new floors and cutting the building across in two places to insert atriums with eye-catching sculptural staircases.
Experimentarium’s Director Kim Gladstone Herlev and CEBRA Leading architect Kolja Nielsen will give Ecsite Conference participants an exclusive guided tour of Experimentarium.

Duration: 75 minutes.
Advance booking is required, at the Conference’s Information Desk (on the ground floor of
Starting point: in front of Experimentarium, just outside of the main entrance.

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