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Local innovative school: guided tour

The local Hellerup School just around the corner from Experimentarium stands out: no fence separating the school from the street, no walls dividing the school in classrooms. Instead, learning spaces that substitutes for classrooms and students in groups engaged in learning everywhere; on the central staircase, in couches and in the home area of the class. This philosophy – that students ought to determine how they best learn – informed how the municipality of Hellerup built this flagship school a decade ago. Its open design and the absence of traditional classrooms allow students from all grades to intermingle during class and creates a unique sense of togetherness and community. Hellerup School illustrates Denmark's efforts to make classrooms more like the real world, especially when it comes to technology and equipping students with 21st century skills, such as synthesizing large amounts of information accessible online and working on problems with groups.

Duration: 1.5 hours.
Advance booking is required, at the Conference’s Information Desk (on the ground floor of Experimentarium).
Starting point: Meet with a member of staff in front of Experimentarium at 14.15 who will walk you to Hellerup School.

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