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WoW – Wonders of Wildlife, Parque de las Ciencias, Granada, Spain

In WoW – Wonders of Wildlife, a herd of ibexes leap from rock to rock; two rival males confront each other; a wolf chases wild boar; a tiger runs majestically and lions hunt fleeing zebras.

A co-production between Parque de las Ciencias and the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, 'WoW. Wonders of Wildlife' takes the visitor on a journey through the wilderness. The exhibition captures scenes from nature in a "frozen in time" way, depicting their behaviour in their habitat, something that we normally can only see in documentaries. It is a simulating stroll, taking the visitor from one spectacular scene to the next. Astonishment is the rule. Curiosity follows. The exhibition not only WOWs the visitor for its beauty but also encourages them to observe and enjoy the story behind each scene, through images, videos, interactive objects on animal behaviour, their biomechanics and the conservation of these species.


Parque de las Ciencias

Parque de las Ciencias is Andalusia’s science centre and museum. The museum is well situated in the center of Granada, the town of the Alhambra and Federico García Lorca. Parque de las Ciencias, under the motto A new kind of Museum, was founded in 1995 and occupies 70.000 square meters.