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Longevity questions tackled at ScienceSquared events in Spain

The European Union has set a bold target: by 2020, they want to increase the average healthy lifespan of Europeans by two years. Researchers funded by the European Research Council (ERC) are at the forefront of this quest, unraveling the mechanisms of aging so that we may live not just longer lives, but better and healthier longer lives.

The ERC=Science2 project brought the knowledge gained from ERC-funded projects to a very receptive Spanish audience at Parque de las Ciencias in Granada. For two weeks (April 4-16), the project stand helped visitors learn about ERC-funded longevity research projects and take part in hands-on activities on brain and bone degeneration.

Two additional dialogue activities allowed for even deeper engagement with the topic. Dr Marta Artal, whose ERC-funded research project MITOSIGAGE is going back to basics in trying to decipher how aging takes place at the cellular level, shared her ongoing research with a diverse audience during a panel session (May 16). She was joined by scientists and physicians who discussed a range of topics, from neurodegenerative diseases, to the social aspects of aging such as pensions and elderly care.

The ERC grantee also inspired university students to explore how technological developments can improve the quality of life of the elderly during a FabLab workshop (May 17), helping to demonstrate the direct impact that ERC-funded research can have on our lives.

The ERC = Science2 campaign is making its last longevity-related stop in Poland in late June, but the story of ERC frontier research continues with more popular scientific themes and public engagement activities carried out by Ecsite members.

Consult the press release available below to learn more about recent events, and visit www.sciencesquared.eu for news about the campaign and ERC-funded research.



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Parque de las Ciencias

Parque de las Ciencias is Andalusia’s science centre and museum. The museum is well situated in the center of Granada, the town of the Alhambra and Federico García Lorca. Parque de las Ciencias, under the motto A new kind of Museum, was founded in 1995 and occupies 70.000 square meters.