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Germany’s most innovative Science Center now open

Over 100 exhibits, from sketch to opening

After a tremendous three-year journey we are so excited that Germany’s most innovative science center has opened its doors. NorthernLight, in partnership with Bruns, has been responsible for the design, prototyping and construction of two of the four permanent galleries: Nature of Things, and World View. The journey involved the making of over 100 unique exhibits, activities and art-science installations. At its height, there was a team of over 50 people working in harmony to make all of this happen.

Nature of Things: Five worlds of matter

Nature of Things unveils the extraordinary aspects of everyday matter – the way materials manifest in the real world and how people perceive them. The interactive journey through five universes explores what’s tangible and untouchable, the phenomenon of light, the various structures of matter, and living materials. Each immersive environment centres on an iconic installation surrounded by various hands-on experiments. The Air Space lets you play with the forces of the invisible matter that surround us, while the Black House allows you to paint with light. Experience the strength of metal in a crash-test simulation, or go on a speed date with life through artificial intelligence. You can even interactively rendezvous with your own digital avatar made from stone, lasers or microorganisms. Nature of Things shows that if people stop to contemplate for a moment, there’s magic to be found in the seemingly mundane.

World View: A global explorer’s atelier

Stepping into World View is akin to entering an artist’s atelier or an engineer’s workshop – a Wunderkammerfilled with stories about famous explorers who instigated new ways of considering Earth. It elucidates the mental models and methods used to understand our complex, chaotic planet. Between various artefacts – paintings, sculptures, mathematical formulas and scientific findings – are stations for self-discovery. What’s your world view? And what can you learn from those who came before you? Winding its way through the gallery, a large yellow snake-like structure offers seating as well as secret nooks that rouse exploration. To expose new adventurers to a world of thinking about thinking, the gallery guides the audience through methods of observation, simulation and creativity.


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