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Rijksmuseum app into its second life stage

Rijksmuseum app

The Rijks app has been a big success since its launch in 2013, with over a millions downloads and rentals. Awarded with the FIAMP and Heritage in Motion Award amongst others. In the beginning of this year, the app got a technical and functional make over by Fabrique and Q42 and started its second life phase.

Content is king

NorthernLight, together with KissTheFrog, won the pitch for the design and development of the Rijksmuseum app in 2012. Since its launch in 2013, we have been adding some 800 audio and video stories to inform, delight and surprise visitors about the Rijksmuseum’s amazing collection. From the Highlights tour to the Late Rembrandt, from the Music tour to the 20th-Century collection, visitors can enjoy over 800 stories at almost 300 collection pieces. Stories in the app are divided in three clear categories: Introduction, See More, Know More. The Introductions are 3D audio stories in 9 languages, with the voices of famous actors such as Barry Atsma. See More are short magic window videos that reveal a magical or surprising story about the collection piece. And in Know More experts and VIPS explain their fascination for the particular object or painting. In the video above you can enjoy a compilation of some of the nicest videos from the See More category. The positive visitor reactions and millions of users over the years have proven how successful the concept and content of the app is. And it is great to see that all the content is now part of the renewed Rijks app.

Great cooperation

We would like to thank KissTheFrog, Big Orange, Captain Video, Irene Constandse, Esther Darley and everyone at the Rijksmuseum for a great cooperation in the initial conceptual development of the app, and in the writing, production and implementation of all the inspiring content. And we are happy to see that after the makeover, the content is still the core of the app.


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