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Work in Progress : 'From Cave bears to Teddy bears' exhibit

plush toy bear
michka bear

Montpellier Science University Science&Culture Dpt is currently working on an exhibit (march 2017) exploring man/bears relationships in "real" life and in the world of plush toys.

Following our "plushology" exhibit, we are now narrowing our investigations toward the "king" of plush toys. We will have chance to discuss the subject at the 2016 ECSITE conference ("Getting inspiration from toys" -Tuesday 9th, 14h30).

This exhibit (in french and english) will be focused on "bears in literature" (comics, naturalist writings, adventure novels, kids books...), and adapted for display in public libraries.

And you can help !
We are looking for "cultural famous bears" (either in real or in literature) from different countries ; Michka in Russia, Cannelle (almost last of Pyrenean French bear), Monarch (California's flag bear), ...
We are searching for nice stories to tell and literature references from Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, Japan (bear worships), China (iconic pandas), and else...

So, please, let your inner child remembers its preferred books/stories he was told about bears, and share them with us... Objects representing bears are also of most interest for us...

For more on the plush toy project : https://peluche.umontpellier.fr/


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