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Teddy bear hunt open: Looking for 'endemic' specimens

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Nounours Autriche

The Science Dissemination Department of Montpellier University leads an original program about natural sciences and biodiversity. Briefly, we use soft toys to teach the methods of scientific observation and morphological classification in a "learning by doing" analogy with nature and give tribute to the great scientific expeditions of the 18th and 19th centuries.


In 2018, we decided to focus our new travelling exhibit on Teddy bears (king of soft toys !). This exhibit will talk about bears in nature, propose the first Teddy bears scientific classification, and will display (hopefully) the "best books about bears"...


To illustrate the concept of endemic species, we are looking for teddy bear specimens from around the world. Wether they wear a specific T-shirt, an embroidered text, a flag, accessories, or else evocating a specific place/monument/language/country/region, they could be displayed in our project and used in workshops with children.


You can send us pictures, comments and description of the capture protocol on the facebook page of Nunursus calinus our mascot.

If you are highly motivated and wish to get a "peluchologie" diploma, you can also donate a specimen by sending us a parcel to the office that will be much appreciated of course...


If you want to learn more about "peluchologie", you can have a look at the project website, where 1655 (2017, 6 March ) soft toys have already been inventoried by kids...


Thank you again in advance for your very precious collaboration !



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