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NorthernLight renews Artis Insectarium

Nature conservation is an important value in Artis, the olders zoo in the Netherlands. Artis is partner in an international projects to save the threatened Polynesian Tree Snails. Visitors in Artis can see the nursery lab in the renovated design for the Artis Insectarium. Next to the nursery, visitors can learn about the importance and perishing of bees through hands-on and multimedia exhibits.

The insectarium of Artis renovated a food warehouse of 1897 to house its collection of insects. Over 70 live species of insects are exhibited in a modern environment, making it one of the biggest Insectariums in the world. The Insectarium aims to awaken visitors to the wonders of insects, and to explain the enormous diversity of the insect world. An audio-visual show at the entrance, featuring magnified pictures an surround sound, helps people to discover the fascinating world of insects.


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