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NorthernLight: 20 years of transformative experiences

20 years

This month marks NorthernLight’s 20th anniversary. We have spent 20 years touching hearts, changing minds and activating hands. Having designed over 200 projects in more than 30 countries, we look back on an amazing period during which we have reached millions of individuals worldwide. “When I realize how many people have enjoyed and been inspired by the exhibitions, installations and projections we have created, I feel proud but also thankful for all the fantastic clients and employees we have been able to work with over the years,” Peter Slavenburg comments. NorthernLight has created transformative experiences for brands, museums and public spaces – experiences that enlarge your world and widen your perspective. Engaging. Tangible. Disruptive.

30 countries

After designing their first interactive experience in the Netherlands, founders Peter Slavenburg and Steven Schaeken quickly ventured further afield. “We travelled to the UK where cities wanted public attractions for the turn of the millennium,” Steven Schaeken explains. “This was before start-ups were in vogue. Our drive to just get out there and chase the dream brought us to some pretty great places and people. A bit of naivety and confidence brings you a long way.”

“From then on we worked on numerous interactive museum projects in Europe. After that countries like China, the United Arab Emirates and Turkey became increasingly important markets for us. Now there is not a single continent we haven’t covered. We’ve designed everything from a 6,000-m2 exhibition space in Beijing and the Rijksmuseum app to social-change programmes in Africa – always with the aim to enlarge people’s world and broaden their perspective.”

200 projects

With two industrial designers in the lead, it is not surprising that creating interactive experiences for science centres was a logical match from the start. Over time the customer base expanded to museums, public spaces and brands. What all projects have in common is that they tell a story, stimulate dialogue and inspire people to rethink, reimagine and reshape their world.

In the past few years the number of corporate brands reaching out to NorthernLight has increased. As brands have become more purpose driven, we believe they should connect with their customers in a different, more meaningful way. Brands have realized that building relationships with their customers is a board-level responsibility. That is why we will be working with a growing number of brands to turn their strategies into experiences. Helping them to spark inspiration, build credibility and express empathy.


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NorthernLight Design

NorthernLight Design conceives, designs, builds and installs exhibitions for a wide variety of exhibitors. Clients include museums, children museums, science centres, expos, private companies and urban entertainment developers. We provide turn-key results, specialising in taking a project from first concept to production and installation. Action and interaction are central to our approach.