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Interactive visitor experience A’DAM LOOKOUT open to public

The A’DAM LOOKOUT on the 20th and 21st floor of the A’DAM Tower on the IJ in Amsterdam is open to the public. The indoor and outdoor sky decks, offering 360 degrees’ views of Amsterdam, have been enriched by a series of unique, interactive visitor experiences designed by NorthernLight.

The experience consists of a state-of-the art exhibition about Amsterdam, a mapped projection maquette, virtual reality touchscreen viewers and optical viewers on the panorama deck. The experience starts in the elevator with a spectacular audio visual experience, which has also been designed by NorthernLight. The highlight of the LOOKOUT will be the ‘Over the Edge’ swings, which will be opened in July.

100% Amsterdam

The interactive exhibition shows exciting images of all the beautiful things Amsterdam has to offer; heroes, artists, festivals. From Dutch artist and musician Herman Brood to Anne Frank, from the Milkshake festival to Dutch painter Karel Appel. The images will be ever-changing and always up-to-date. The virtual reality touchscreen viewers enable visitors to enjoy the view and get to know hundreds of interesting facts about the city. The projection mapping let visitors experience how the city colours orange on King’s Day, how people party during the Amsterdam Dance Festival and how the canal belt came into being.

The ‘Over the Edge’ swings, which will open this summer, will offer the fantastic and exciting experience to swing almost hundred meters above the river IJ and enjoy the amazing view over the city.

A’DAM Tower

The LOOKOUT is one of the first parts of the A’DAM Tower that has been opened. Restaurant Moon, the rotating fine dining restaurant on the 19th floor, will open the end of May under the supervision of signature-chef Jaimie van Heije and chef Tommy den Hartog. Later this month Sir Adam Hotel and Shelter, the underground nightclub, will be opened. The A’DAM Tower will also be the home base for leading international companies in the creative and music sector, like ID&T, MassiveMusic, Gibson en Wink, but smaller companies and new talent will be established in the tower too.


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