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Human Interface Award

Human Interface Award

Human Interface Award
sponsored by the Science Center phaeno in Wolfsburg, Germany

As part of this year's Phaenomenale festival (www.phaenomenale.com), a prize will be awarded for the second time in the category

Human Interface.

The award will be presented during the Phaenomenale festival (24.9.-1.10.2020) in Wolfsburg. The winner undertakes to accept the award in person and to present his or her winning installation in the context of a discussion event. The chosen recipient will be invited to Wolfsburg, with accommodation and travel costs paid by the organizers.

The prize is endowed with EUR 5,000.

The deadline for submissions is 15th of Mai 2020 (submissions can be made from now onwards).

When submitting your entry, please note that the materials sent in cannot be returned.

The Human Interface Award is granted to a single person for an installation with which the viewer interacts via an interface. The interface can be, for example:

- an interactive mechanical interface.

- an unusual object or an original way of using the object. It should therefore not involve any classic usage of computer joystick, keyboard and screen.

- Leap and Kinect sensors, smartphone, iPad, RFID or similar devices are also feasible.

- camera tracking of body movement (eye tracking/eye movement is also conceivable).

- body sensors (e.g. electrodes for measuring brain waves).

Through the installation, the viewer influences "something going on" in three-dimensional space in situ. This event or happening can take place "virtually" by means of a beamer projection or via a screen. The viewer can follow and relate to the interaction and can thus exert a controlled influence over what is occurring in the virtual realm.

The work selected for the award will be showcased at phaeno during the festival.


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