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Geneva Natural History Museum: 50th anniversary and #Ecsite2018 on the horizon!

Geneva Natural History Museum - poster celebrating 50 year anniversary on current site, designed by children

The 2018 Ecsite Annual Conference will be taking place in Geneva, Switzerland, on 7-9 June 2018. It will be hosted by the Geneva Natural History Museum, Switzerland's largest natural history museum.

Founded in 1820, the Museum looks after 15 million natural history specimens and welcomes between 250,000 and 300,000 visitors a year. It is currently celebrating 50 years of public engagement and research at its current location in the heart of Geneva. Celebrations are running until January 2018 and highlights include in particular a large ants exhibition, a participative artistic installation by Alexandre Dang and an animal poster campaign designed by children. The Geneva Natural History Museum also runs another museum in the city: the History of Sciences Museum.

For #Ecsite2018, the Natural History Museum is partnering up with a prestigious team of local research organisations: the CERN, the University of Geneva and its Biotech Campus. The event will be taking place under the patronage of the City of Geneva.

Social highlights will include a Speakers reception at CERN's "Globe of science and innovation", a Gala Dinner at Geneva's ice rink (no ice in June, don't worry), a Nocturne at the Natural History Museum and a Farewell party at a former hydraulic powerplant in Geneva city centre.


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2018 Ecsite Conference

A record-breaking 1,182 professionals from 58 countries gathered in Geneva, Switzerland for the 29th edition of the Ecsite Conference. It was hosted by the Natural History Museum of Geneva in partnership with CERN, University of Geneva Scienscope, and Campus Biotech.