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Building the most innovative science centre in Germany

Experimenta, the popular science centre in Heilbronn, is on a mission to become the most innovative science centre in Germany. The international architectural competition was won by Dieter Schwarz, architects from Berlin. NorthernLight in partnership with Bruns will develop two of the four permanent galleries.

‘Material Forest’ will look into the extra-ordinary of everyday matter that surrounds us, but also on latest developments like unbreakable glass, using lamps for your internet connection, self-assembling structures like voxels and other innovations that will radically change the world around us.

‘World Perspectives’ shows how we try to make sense of the complex and chaotic world around us, using models and mental constructions. It provides you with the tools to understand and conquer all kinds of domains in the world: from a microworld with quantum mechanics to a macroworld that contains our whole earth. You become a world explorer and will look at the world with new eyes.


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